YEA Networks Podcast Family Grows

From the desk of George Laughlin

December 31, 2021

Podcasting has been a big area of growth for YEA Networks in the past 2 years.
We’re able to provide everything a podcaster needs to succeed from ground up. Equipment, development, sales, marketing, production and more.

Some of the podcasts under the YEA umbrella have come to us after being with another network. But quite a few others have been creators and personalities that wanted to start a podcast from the ground-up with us. Ron and Hope Carpenter are the latest example of that.

Ron and Hope are Christian pastors with a large following, running churches in South Carolina and California. They messages are heard by millions more each week via television, social media and YouTube. Podcasting was the next logical step for them. Check out the story about them from Greenville Online. And be sure to look up Ron and Hope: Unfiltered on your favorite podcast app. Welcome to the family!

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