George Laughlin’s Predictions for Radio in 2022 – The Roaring 20’s

December 31, 2021

We’ve been told that radio is dying. MTV would kill radio. CDs. The iPod. Satellite Radio. Streaming. But despite the best efforts, radio won’t die. In fact, I’m predicting 2022 will be a big year for radio. Yes, the industry is changing. Change is inevitable.
But that’s why we’ve positioned YEA Networks to take advantage of that change.
Here are my top predictions for 2022:

  • Huge advertising growth – the American consumer is resilient and has shown it’s ready to spend. After 18 months of lock downs, working from home and cancelled vacations, we’ve already seen packed flights, sold-out stadiums, high demand for vehicles and more. Expect more of that in 2021, but with a supply chain that will quickly catch up. Businesses will be clamoring for the increased dollars being spent by consumers. And radio is still a bargain that’s being discovered by more and more industries.
  • Increased Syndication – In 2021, we’ve already seen a company like Audacy (formerly Entercom), starting to consolidate their on-air talent and syndicate them by format. EMF has bought up local stations to provide their syndicated Christian networks on a larger scale. Expect even more in 2022.
  • New Partnerships – A number of media companies jumped into the world of sports betting this year. iHeartMedia and Amazon made large acquisitions on the podcast front as well. 2022 should see even more. You’ll also see companies exploring NFTs and Crypto, either through acquisitions, partnerships, or just advertising.

While I can’t tell you everything YEA has planned for 2022, I can tell you that we plan to stay ahead of the trends. Here’s to a great and safe 2022 for everyone.

From the desk of George Laughlin

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